In order for a company to be successful, it needs to have leaders who see the big picture and help everyone achieve the end goal.  At Acme Wire Products, our leaders are guided by external advisors that assist the owners in keeping the company on track.

Acme Wire Products formed a Board of Advisors in 1999.  The original goal of the board was to successfully transition ownership from the first generation to the second generation.  Upon the successful completion of the initial goal, the board functions to mentor and guide the current owners of Acme Wire Products as they grow and develop the company into a premier US-based fabricator of custom wire component parts.

Our advisors include leaders from multi-generation family businesses and industry experts in finance, operations, engineering and marketing.  Acme Wire Products considers our Advisors as one of our Keys to Success.

We would like to recognize the contributions of the following advisors:

David Blackburn                   Faria Marine Instruments

Jason Howey                       Okay Industries

Meg Mulhern                        International Ceramic Engineering

Edward Planeta, Sr.             Acme Wire Products Co., Inc. – Founder

Karl Seitz                              Seitz, LLC

William Spellman                  Freeport McMoran

John White, Jr.                     Taco, Inc.