An awards luncheon was hosted on November 11, 2015 at the Harbour House Restaurant in Mystic, CT by Acme Wire Products.  Employees with 10 or more years of company service were recognized.  Twenty three employees were invited to participate and all departments of the company were represented.  the total years of service represented was 396 years.

All Acme Wire Products employees with over 10 years of company service 2015

Special recognitions were presented to 6 team members each celebrating 10 years of company service: Joshua Broyles, David Gregarick, George Heidler, Eden Munn, Joshua Newberry and Dorothea Reardon.

The company also recognized Michael Planeta for 25 years of service, Mary Fitzgerald for 30 years of service and Norman Beckwith for 38 years of service.

During the luncheon, employees discussed the Acme Wire Products’ history, changes in markets, customers and technology and plans and goals for the future.

Acme Wire Products employees with 10 years of company service

The company has been hosting this annual employee celebration and recognition for twenty years.  Employees look forward to the opportunity to relax and socialize with each other and to share memories from their past company experiences.

Even within a small company, employees may not get the chance to visit with co-workers due to differing shifts, schedules or work centers.  The luncheon provides a cohesiveness to the company culture and reinforces the importance of employee contributions to the overall success of the company.  Acme Wire Products is currently celebrating its 45th anniversary.