Acme Wire Products Delivers Custom Wire Product for International Retailer

When a vendor for a big box retailer needed a specialized holder for the chain’s self-check lanes, the company knew who to turn to: Custom wire products fabricator – Acme Wire Products Co. Inc.

The vendor was a systems integrator looking for a custom wire product that would hold garden tools and other large items for a new system to be used at a large chain of home & garden stores. The design and engineering team brought Acme Wire Products a preliminary design.

The initial design was drawn using one piece of wire about 15 feet in length. This presented considerable challenges in forming. We simplified the design into several sub-assemblies which allowed critical dimensions to be maintained and resulted in a stronger part.

Even after the redesign, the project presented considerable challenges. The unit, 3.5’ tall, required a significantly heavy diameter of wire to hold up shovels and other large tools that customers ran through the stores’ self-checkout lanes.

The holders needed to be functional and unobtrusive but still aesthetically pleasing, and there were also safety considerations: The edges had to be smooth, with no burrs, to keep customers from cutting themselves on rough spots, and the holders absolutely could not tip.

Our engineering staff suggested several changes to the diameter size and material. Soon, several thousand pieces were running off our automated forming and welding equipment, to the tune of about 10,000 units per year.

An additional wrinkle was that holders needed to be shipped both domestically and internationally. That, combined with the wire frame’s large size, made the project one of the more unusual custom wire products Acme Wire has dealt with.

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We have experienced a partnership with Acme Wire Products for the past decade. They have helped us make our business more successful with their know-how, on-time delivery and outstanding customer service. We could not be where we are today without them.
I would like to compliment Acme Wire Products Co., Inc. on the first class service they provide us. The quality of service, wire & metal products, and extremely competitive prices are excellent. The Staff are very friendly and obliging.