Acme Wire Expertise: Solving “Mysterious” Application Design Challenges

Our design engineers often face difficult design assignments; many times, we don’t know what the end product will be. Designers come to our engineering showroom in Mystic to discuss different ways of designing their new project to use the most cost-efficient properties of wire design – but due to proprietary agreements and other issues, we sometimes don’t know the end customer or even how the wire formed part will be integrated into a larger component or assembly.

A New England design engineering firm was searching for a locally based metal fabricator with expertise in close tolerance wire forming and fabrication and contacted us about a series of design proposals for wire forms. The information they provided about these forms was limited. The engineering firm was concerned that any additional information would leak news of the proprietary product to the public.

We did know, however, the basic requirements – smooth, burr-free edges and ease of mating with a structural frame. But we didn’t know the identity of the end customer or the end use of the final product.

Up to the task, our design engineers suggested several mounting styles for the wire forms, including formed loops, welded mounting tabs, threaded inserts and swaging and piercing the ends of the wire – all in hopes of meeting the end customer’s expectations for the final, unknown product.

The project was ultimately revealed to be a wire form bag holder frame for a personal transporter, but it could have just as easily been a medical, aerospace, telecom or business equipment application.

By working with the design engineering firm, Acme Wire was able to help their customer:

  • Lower production costs
  • Develop problem-free fabrication
  • Create a strong custom wire frame that met the customer’s expectations

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