Custom Material Handling Baskets and Trays

Protect parts, improve automation throughput

The investment you make in your parts through material, labor and automation equipment is significant. Acme Wire Products produces custom wire baskets and trays that protect your parts that meet your exact specifications.

Whether you need work piece handling units, load carriers, transport and cleaning baskets, or work piece baskets and magazines, we can help you. Our engineering specialists can help you create a basket that improves throughput and accuracy while offering greater component part visibility and years of rugged use.


Tray, Stackable

Wire trays and baskets can incorporate features such as interlocking mounting pins, loops, tabs and handles. Stackable baskets minimize floor space required for parts handling and storage.


Basket, Parts

Parts baskets can be made of steel or stainless steel. Depending on the process and the parts contained within, steel baskets can be coated with abrasion or chemical resistant finishes. Abrasion resistant finishes protect parts from marring or nicking. Stainless steel baskets can withstand repeated washing & sterilization in parts cleaning processing.


Basket, Cell Style

Cell style baskets keep parts separated to reduce damage to machined surfaces. Inventory accuracy is improved as lots can be standardized to match full basket quantities.


Basket, Pin Style

Pin Style baskets can hold smaller parts on their internal diameters. Pins can be straight or looped to provide accurate part location for automated handling needs.


We have experienced a partnership with Acme Wire Products for the past decade. They have helped us make our business more successful with their know-how, on-time delivery and outstanding customer service. We could not be where we are today without them.

Steve, Custom Equipment Manufacturer, New York

I would like to compliment Acme Wire Products Co., Inc. on the first class service they provide us. The quality of service, wire & metal products, and extremely competitive prices are excellent. The Staff are very friendly and obliging.

Pete, a Robotic Packaging Design Company
I have worked with Acme Wire Products for over 10 years. Within these years we have posed many unique and challenging designs and concepts. The entire team at Acme Wire is very knowledgeable and always willing to take on these challenges.
Stewart, Engineer at a Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturer
Thank you Mike, Ed and your team for the incredible support. It’s like an early Christmas! Thank you for your attention to detail and early fulfillment of commitment. We are pleased with the wireframes received; and will be showing with attached components to management later today.
Dan W , Product Development Specialist – Personal Safety Equipment Manufacturer
We have worked with Acme Wire Products for over 20 years and continue to do so. Very responsive and highly professional. The manufactured products they produce are always high quality. They offer engineering services that help develop cost effective designs. I would highly recommend them.
Marj A , New Product Engineering Manager – Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturer