The Most Common Wire Form Applications

Wire forms can be found in a wide range of industries and in different applications. However, there is still a list of common wire form applications. These include:

  • Battery contacts
  • Security devices
  • Traps and safety pins
  • Large wire applications
  • Light fixtures
  • Electrical applications

These applications listed make up a vast majority of wire form applications. Now these form applications can still vary depending on specifics. So even if these are common applications, there are still have so many different variations available.

Basic Steps for Creating a Wire Form

Wire forms are such a versatile shape of a wire that their form can vary greatly. The first step when creating a wire form is to come to an agreement about the specifications. Wire forms are typically designed for a specific application, so this step in the design process is crucial to the success of the form.

The next step is to determine which material the form will be created out of. This can be from stainless steel to bronze. Wire forms are able to be created using a wide range of materials depending on what the use is for.

The next step is determining the tooling that will be used to create the form. The basic process for any wire form, no matter the complexity, starts with placing the correct tooling into the machine and letting the machine complete the bends necessary for the particular piece.

Now the final step in the process is the actual bending itself. Whichever material chosen is now bent around the tooling creating the completed wire form.

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