Thousands of metal parts are formed in our factory every day. One of the machines that is often used is the Amada Vipros 255 22 ton CNC turret punch press. Today we are going to talk about how it is used.

The Amada Vipros has a Fanuc 18P control. It has a 31 station turret, 3 auto index stations, a ball transfer table, and has a connected chiller. The machine is controlled by a CPU and software that connects to the machine. The Amada Vipros has a maximum hole diameter of 3.50”. This will vary depending on the material that we are punching.

To start the part must be drawn. The drawing will have been created during the design of the metal part. Once the final design and drawing is complete then it is uploaded into the program within the machine.

After the installation of tooling, and programming of the punch press, they the press can be operated to create the holes in the sheet metal.

The next step will often involve bending the metal in secondary operations. A variety of press brakes are available for this function. After that, the parts might be welded to wire forms or other metal parts to create the final metal product. The final step will be applying the metal finish.


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