Wire forms are an important component in the construction of buildings for holding wires, support hooks, springs and pins, wire guards, equipment wire frames, and wire screens. They serve as construction materials and are part of decorative guardrails and accent pieces.


Industrial operations require quick efficient precision methods for performing assembly and manufacturing procedures. Wire formed baskets are important for the rapid delivery of parts to production in an organized and convenient way.


Wire forming in the automotive industry includes various types of wire springs, as well as compression coils and volute springs for suspension applications. Delicate springs, like torsion and tension springs, have multiple purposes, such as swing down tailgates. Conical springs are used in the production of battery contacts.


Parts for the medical industry have to be durable, smooth, and exceptionally clean. The main metal used for the manufacture of medical components is stainless steel since it can withstand high temperatures and multiple cleanings as well as sterilization. The smooth surface of stainless steel protects against nicks, cuts, and punctures to medical workers’ gloves and garments.


Masks are wire formed as a protection for contact sports and are made to comply with the National Operating Committee Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE).


Steel wire is used for guides and trays because of its smooth surface. The open design allows for ease of access to cable installation, inspection, and upgrades. Routing rings can be attached to frames to handle any form of wire due to the strength of the wire frame. Trays, troughs, and support hardware are made for easy cable management with routing rings and tie bars.


A common use of wire forming in retail is product display racks that are lightweight but sturdy enough to hold products for customer inspection. They can be placed at cash registers as point of purchase displays or in multiple locations throughout the store. Their light weight makes it easy to relocate them to high traffic aisles. Wire racks are also a convenient way for storing merchandise for future sales and conducting inventory.


The food industry has several regulations it must meet to be in compliance with FDA requirements and specifications. Wire storage and processing racks have to meet the standards for sanitary conditions and cleanliness. They are made from high grade stainless steel that is corrosion and rust resistant as well as being able to be constantly sanitized and washed.


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