While not as complex as the physics and other engineering properties that go into custom springs, precision wire products still have their fair share of customization options that lead to different functions and purposes. In fact, the design of custom wire forms are often more interesting because there are so many possibilities and options. When you start with just a straight piece of wire or a flat piece of metal, there are many possibilities when it comes to its bending, shaping and stamping.

So, what exactly goes into creating a custom wire form?

Choose Your Wire

There are more wire types and sizes then you can even imagine. The wire you choose – whether its music wire, steel, or any other material – is dependent upon the application and its environment. The first choice to make is choosing the right wire based on where and in what the wire form will be used.

Designing a Wire Form Based on Shapes and Bends

Our design and engineering capabilities, along with our top-notch software and machinery, allow us to bend and shape your wire form based on your precise specifications. You can design a wire form with any amount of bends, at any angle, and with any overall shape that you require. Just let us know the amount of bends, the angles and where they need to be on the wire and we can create a wire form that matches your design.

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Acme Wire Products has designed, recommended and manufactured custom wire components for customers in many diverse markets.  We offer the benefit of our almost 50 years’ experience in the manufacture of component parts for hardware, medical & lab equipment, cable management, sporting goods, firearms, furniture, guarding, HVAC,  pharmaceutical, automotive, optical and food service and processing industries.

Acme Wire’s designers work with our customers to create a wire component that will provide the greatest functional value.  The design of wire products such as levers, handles, supports, rings, guards, baskets, trays, grids, frames, shelves are limited only by one’s imagination (and the limitations of technology).

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