Wire Forming

Acme Wire Products wire forming capabilities extends to all industries and includes customizable solutions to all of your wire forming needs and designs.

Acme Wire Products’ wire forming involves the process of bending metal to make customized shapes for use in various manufacturing processes. Our services are invaluable to various industries including construction, sporting goods, food service equipment, appliance, cable management, safety, and lawn and garden equipment using low carbon steel and stainless steel.

Acme Wire Forming Technology

We have state of the art wire forming technology that helps us achieve high-quality finished goods. We can fabricate the wires up to a diameter of 0.500 inches. Acme Wire Products uses a combination of:

  • Hand Benders
  • Air Benders
  • Press Brakes
  • Die Forming
  • CNC Wire Forming

Wire Forming Shapes

Are you in need of a circular wire, oval, rectangle, square, serpentine or any other shaped wire forms?  We have the capability to help you meet your needs! In addition to forming steel wire into different shapes, we give them a smooth finish using powder coating, chrome plating, and zinc plating.

Customer Interests

We focus on understanding our customer’s exact requirements to ensure that all of their priorities are met with the highest level of customer satisfaction. We have a technical team with expertise in the industry that not only helps us produce quality products but also assures our customers of a fast turnaround time.


Our product packaging is determined by the customer’s specifications. We can also apply our barcoding capabilities upon request.


The wire forming process

Acme Wire Products has an extensive background in creating wire forms and fabrications and producing tooling to provide both the highest quality products and minimize material waste. We manage our processes to provide you with the optimum experience by:

  • Ordering and managing material to minimize client inventory and lead time
  • Setting up pull systems for our customer’s maximum flexibility
  • Providing a complete part and assembling it to your specifications
  • Designing custom packaging that saves on costs

Quality Control

Our commitment to quality has enabled us to become ISO 9001 certified and offer all our wire forming services in line with industry regulations. Other measures we have taken to ensure that our products are of superior quality are:

  • Use of vision inspection systems for quality validation
  • Control plans on all products
  • FMEA and PFMEA used to improve quality proactively
  • Real-time visual tracking on the shop floor

Wire Forming Accuracy

We have custom wire forming machines that straighten then form wire into complex forms based on our customer’s specifications. We bend before cutting a wire to ensure that no secondary operation is required or scrap is produced. This helps Acme cut and form wire at minimal costs.

Acme Wire Products Company is the wire-forming expert you need to work with on your upcoming project. We assure our customers’ accuracy in all processes, quality results, and a fast turnaround time. We have a customer support system responding to any questions you might have as well as clarify everything you need to know. Our functional technology aids in bringing costs down. Contact us today with your new and recurring requirements for custom engineered wire fabrications.