Last night I learned that Acme Wire Products’ clever video which incorporates its scenic Mystic, CT location in its promotion for the company’s wire forming and fabrication capabilities, will not be able to be aired during Super Bowl XLVIII for a variety of reasons.

Ed Planeta practicing his rap moves

  1. Super Bowl ads for 2014 are already sold out.  Grabbed by companies the likes of Frito-Lay(Doritos), General Mills(Cheerios), Nestle(Butterfinger), GoDaddy, Dannon(Oikos) and Wonderful Pistachios, among others.
  2. Acme Wire Products did not budget $4 million for the privilege of running a 30 second spot in Super Bowl XLVIII.
  3. The crusty old New England fisherman featured in the Acme Wire Products Youtube video was apparently not sexy enough to compete with the likes of Chester the Cheetah, John Stamos, Bart Simpson, Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs), Danica Patrick or South Korean rapper “Psy”.  Okay, so it’s hard to compete with the likes of John Stamos (Oikos) or Danica Patrick (GoDaddy).

Acme Wire Products Sales VP, Ed Planeta, Jr., previously dubbed “The Sexiest Man in the Wire Fabrication Industry” by various metalforming publications, had been practicing his “Gangnam Style” rap moves over the last few months until a back injury sidelined him.  His dance replacement, Michael Planeta, VP Manufacturing, was lined up for the video ad highlighting Acme Wire Products’ focus on 2D and 3D wire forming capabilities until a last minute wardrobe malfunction rendered the video too spicy for the prime time audience viewing.  The company’s ad was then bumped for an Intuit ad touting Poop Natural Dairy Compost.

Please check back here ( blog) or on the Acme Wire Products’ Youtube channel to learn how the Mystic, CT based precision wire fabricator will be restructuring its advertising efforts.