Updated: July 22, 2011


All orders are subject to acceptance by Acme Wire Products Co., Inc., 7 Broadway Extension, Mystic, Connecticut.


Claims for loss must be made by customer within 30 days, Acme Wire Products shall not be liable for any loss occurring after delivery to carrier nor shall Acme Wire Products be liable for loss, damage, detention or delay resulting from causes beyond its control or caused by a fire, strike, civil or military authority, governmental restrictions, insurrection or riot, embargoes, transportation shortages, wrecks or delays in transportation or inability to obtain necessary labor, materials, or manufacturing facilities due to these or other such causes. Claims for shortages, overages or other discrepancies must be made by customer within 10 days of receipt.


Customer shall notify Acme Wire Products immediately of the receipt of any sub-standard material. Failure to notify Acme Wire Products within 15 days after receipt of material shall constitute acceptance. Acme Wire Products shall not be responsible for any rework done outside its plant without prior written permission, nor shall Acme Wire Products be responsible for any claims resulting from the use of such defective items. On any part or assembly, which the customer inspects with special gauge(s), customer agrees to furnish Acme Wire Products duplicate gauge(s) free of charge. Acme Wire Products’ liability is expressly limited to the value of the product it supplies and any return freight, if required, due to defect.


Orders must be valued at $1,000.00 or more for order to be acceptable unless otherwise agreed upon.


Prices to not include state or local taxes based on or measured by sales or use; such tax or taxes will be added to the price where applicable.


Goods may be returned to the factory only with prior written authorization of Acme Wire Products covering specific items and quantities. Acme Wire Products’ liability, express or implied, shall be limited to replacement or repair of defective goods. Returns should be made within 30 days of original receipt.


Orders may be cancelled only with prior written consent of Acme Wire Products and are subject to a cancellation charge for material and/or work performed.


Payment terms for all products are Net 30 Days unless otherwise agreed upon. Engineering, Design and Tooling charges are 50% due with order and balance due Net 30 days. Acme Wire Products reserves the right to hold shipments on open orders if customer is not paying within agreed upon terms.


Prices and quotations are firm for 90 days from the date of the quotation and are thereafter subject to change without prior notice. On blanket orders involving several months requirements, these prices are firm for 12 months from date providing the maximum and minimum quantities (maximum quantity that Acme Wire Products will be required to ship, and minimum quantity the customer will be required to take) are clearly specified and the order specifies a specific schedule covering the shipment of the total order over this 12 months period but not to exceed 6 separate shipments.


All good are sold F.O.B. shipping point unless otherwise agreed upon. Freight charges to be assumed by customer.


  1. On a part made to customer’s specification, Acme Wire Products reserves the right to over or undership in quantity not to exceed 5%. Those instances requiring an exact number of pieces should be so specified. On items produced to customer’s design or specification, the customer agrees to indemnify Acme Wire
  2. Products Co., Inc. against any loss arising out of patent infringement.


  1. Acme Wire Products will be responsible for all normal tool maintenance.
  2. The customer agrees to pay for any tool cost made necessary by changes in specifications and shall assume all risk of possible resultant damage or loss.
  3. The tool charges quoted on a special part may or may not cover all tools necessary to produce the item. Whenever Acme Wire Products’ tools can be employed in production of a special part, they will be used, and are not part of the tool quotation. It is further understood that special tool charges do not include electrodes, die holders, or other fixtures necessary to the proper function of the tools.
  4. Tool charges cover toolmaking only. As long as customer owned tools remain in Acme Wire Products’ possession, all engineering and development charges are deferred indefinitely. Removal of tools requires the payment of a 100% engineering and development charge. Engineering and development charges are typically 50-100% of tool charge.
  5. Upon request, Acme Wire Products will provide customer with a Certificate of Insurance to cover customer owned tooling at Acme Wire Products. Insurance will cover cost of tooling replacement as result of fire, theft, damage, etc.
  6. Tools not used for a period of 36 months or longer may be scrapped 60 days after customer notification unless otherwise agreed upon.