Industrial Cleaning Basket Manufacturing

Acme Wire Products is the premier leader in manufacturing and custom fabrication of stainless steel products and components. Our cleaning baskets are designed to withstand the rigors of regular use as well as high temperatures and sterilizing cleaning environments. Our basket manufacturing is designed to meet the exact specifications for your industry needs. The internal weld testing we provide assures the parts we manufacture for you are consistently strong. The smooth surface of wire prevents snags and cuts and enhances the cleaning and sterilization process.

Whatever your needs for custom wire cleaning baskets are, Acme Wire Products can deliver. Our engineering specialists will assist you in the design and creation of the stainless steel wire product that meets your specifications. Our manufacturing capabilities are versatile; Acme Wire Products utilizes a variety of processes, from CNC wire forming, chamfering, swaging, piercing, threading, machining, deburring, press bending, and resistance or arc welding to provide a part for you. Our technicians have 50 years of experience providing engineered wire components for basket applications for cleaning, heat treating, processing and handling.

The high strength to weight ratio of wire and the open design of wire provides improved drainage, good interior visibility and minimal weight build up. Our dedication to building the best wire product for your needs and our customer service ensure you are getting the best basket available.

Whether your requirements are for a single production run or you have a recurring need for custom cleaning baskets, the skilled team of wire craftsmen at Acme Wire Products is here to help.

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Meet the Team of Acme Wire Products

Acme Wire Products team

Acme Wire Products employees enjoy food and fun at the annual company picnic.

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We have experienced a partnership with Acme Wire Products for the past decade. They have helped us make our business more successful with their know-how, on-time delivery and outstanding customer service. We could not be where we are today without them.


I would like to compliment Acme Wire Products Co., Inc. on the first class service they provide us. The quality of service, wire & metal products, and extremely competitive prices are excellent. The Staff are very friendly and obliging.


We have been in a partnership with Acme Wire Products for over 20 years. Acme Wire is very professional, courteous and responsive. I fell confident when we refer to Acme Wire as a partner. Acme Wire always puts the needs of their Customers and suppliers first. Mary, Ed, Mike and the rest of the Acme team make it very easy to do business with them. When it comes to getting the job done, this is the company you want on your team.

John H - New England Manufacturer

Thank you Mike, Ed and your team for the incredible support. It’s like an early Christmas! Thank you for your attention to detail and early fulfillment of commitment. We are pleased with the wireframes received; and will be showing with attached components to management later today.

Dan W – Product Development Specialist – Personal Safety Equipment Manufacturer

We have worked with Acme Wire Products for over 20 years and continue to do so. Very responsive and highly professional. The manufactured products they produce are always high quality. They offer engineering services that help develop cost effective designs. I would highly recommend them.

Marj A – New Product Engineering Manager – Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturer