Wire forms are wires that have been bent into specific shapes, often to fulfil a particular purpose. Wire forms are very versatile and come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and uses.  One commonly recognized wire form is the spring, but that is only application- some other common wire forms include hooks and certain clips.

Here are some common uses and applications to wire forms:

Light Fittings

The lighting industry is one of the most common industries that uses CNC wire forming, as it is durable and can meet tight tolerances. Light fixture wires are common, simple wire forms that are designed to safely hold a lighting fixture in a ceiling.

Electrical Applications

Wire forms are also very common for a wide range of electrical applications. Electricians for example use them for tin plated copper, which has to be bent into clips used to hold electrical wires and equipment in place in different electrical applications.


Hooks are a wire form with which people are familiar. Hooks are often used as points of connection between two parts or components, and a common hook shape resembles that of a question mark. The open end of the hook allows another item to be connected or suspended by looping the second object around that point. The items then remain connected through tension or gravity.

Custom Wire Springs

Having custom wire forms created results in an ideal fit for a consumer’s specific needs. At Acme Wire our manufacturers work with you determining your exact needs, using materials and designs that provide the best functionality you require.

Wire forms can be used in a diverse range of applications which include:

  • Baggage label clips
  • Electrical switchgear
  • Light fittings
  • Hooks
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Textile machinery
  • Safety equipment

3D Wire Forming 

Our high-speed, state of the art CNC machines produce a vast quantity of wire-forms, and with our impressive range of technology and experience, it means we can create whatever your business needs. With our expertise, we can offer combined skills to help consumers develop groundbreaking products through custom spring design.

3D wire form machinery can get the job done to your specifications, regardless of how complex the wire shape may be, which allows for unique designs.

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Acme Wire Products has designed, recommended and manufactured custom wire components for customers in many diverse markets.  We offer the benefit of our almost 50 years’ experience in the manufacture of component parts for hardware, medical & lab equipment, cable management, sporting goods, firearms, furniture, guarding, HVAC,  pharmaceutical, automotive, optical and food service and processing industries.

Acme Wire’s designers work with our customers to create a wire component that will provide the greatest functional value.  The design of wire products such as levers, handles, supports, rings, guards, baskets, trays, grids, frames, shelves are limited only by one’s imagination (and the limitations of technology).

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