Wire forming can be a very complicated process and requires a lot of care. In this regard, the manufacturing process differences can help us categorize better.

Manual Wire Forming

Manual wire forming is a classic and effective method in which the wires are done by hand. In most cases, the manual formation doesn’t require using hands. However, there are hand levers and geared tools that may help.

Coil Wire Forming

This manufacturing type is used for making wire coils and involves a metal blank, after which the wires are cut down. There’s a variety of spring types that may be used in this regard; these include:

  • Torsional
  • Extension
  • Compression springs
  • And a lot more.

Fourslide Wire Forming

The four-slide wire forming uses stamping machines with multiple sides. This apparatus or machine is called the “four-slide machine” because there are four slides in a square. However, these machines may have other sides for feeding, making the machines more efficient.

These machines are best for industrial applications and can provide better quality results than manual wire forming.

CNC Wire Forming

The CNC wire forming is a more advanced approach as it includes a computer-controlled wire bending tool that can produce three and two-dimensional wire designs. However, other CNC machines can have other uses that they can carry out pretty quickly, which the four sliding machines don’t.

Additionally, the manufacturers can set the cameras or the tools like in the four sliding machine wire forming. Therefore, CNC wire forming is more pocket-friendly and effective in the long run.

Uses of Wire Forming

One can choose from different varieties and variations of the wire-forming process. These uses vary for each industry, but we have listed the most common ones below:

  • Shipping
  • Medical equipment
  • handling
  • Food production
  • Automobile production
  • And a lot more.

Wire forming is a popular manufacturing process used in various industries. It helps use wires and turns them into different lengths, sizes and diameters (depending on how it’s needed).

Wire forming is the perfect option for small-scale and mass-industrial applications. With the right wire-forming results, the products are used in medical equipment, food production, handling and shipment, and much more.

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