Mesh can be formed into virtually any shape to help facilitate your operation. As good as this sounds, forming mesh does not come without its limitations.

How Is Formed Wire Mesh Used?

Formed woven wire mesh is typically used as a filtration medium.  A great example of formed mesh being used in a filtration-based application can be seen in the auto industry. Many automotive manufacturers use formed mesh in the oil pick-up tubes in car engines.

These pick-up tubes are key to the functionality of the car, as they are designed to feed oil from the oil pan to the engine. While this is a very important function, it is also important that no debris or impurities in the oil enter the engine and damage it.

This is where the formed mesh comes into scope.  Manufacturers attach a formed mesh screen at the ends of these pick-up tubes to filter out all the dirt and impurities that make their way into the oil pan over time.

Now, formed mesh can also be seen in our extruder screens and premium sand control screens; however, the list of applications that can benefit from formed mesh goes on and on.

Expand Your Knowledge on Formed Mesh

Forming mesh refers to the converting of a roll or sheet of mesh into a shape that is custom to the needs of the customer.

It is important that you look for common faults, such as mesh that was not heat-treated and mesh that was over formed, as these common mistakes can have a negative impact on your process.

And while formed mesh is used to handle a wide range of filtration-based tasks, there are several limitations that come with it.


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