Combining versatility and strength light-weight wire sterilization racks provide important advantages over their plastic counterparts. All good sterilization racks can be used for storing and sorting items and improving part visibility. But the smooth, rounded edges of the wire versions help prevent nicks and cuts, plus wire sterilization racks can be easily stacked or nested to maximize storage space. Other advantages include:

  • Lower cost of tooling
  • The ability to withstand high temperatures without warping or melting
  • The ability to withstand chemical baths
  • Long lifespan

A bonus is that wire sterilization racks are often an environmentally responsible choice, as well: Their material (normally stainless steel) is easily reclaimed for reuse. When you’re looking for a dependable supplier for your wire sterilization racks, look no further than Acme Wire Products. Our expert staff is well-suited to help design and manufacture the right racks to meet your needs. Call us toll-free at 800-723-7015, fax us at 860-572-9456 or submit our contact form to begin the process.